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February 03 2018

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Guess she didn’t like that chapter??

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See photos of Autumn here


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My bladder was so full. Totally soaked them. 💦

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January 30 2018

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Omg so cute😘😍

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when i reaaaally gotta go i do a special little dance!

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January 11 2018

To be tied up, desperate and squirming!


One of my biggest fantasies is to be tied up by someone and bound to a chair, sofa or bed and be absolutely bursting to pee. Having my captor give me more and more liquid and enjoying watching me as I got more and more desperate, trying to grab myself but unable due to my captivity. I’d be so helpless, tied there and unable to prevent my predicament getting worse until I finally lost control of my poor aching bladder and uncontrollably wet myself in front of them. I’d be sitting there unable to help myself as I just let a huge amount of piss pour into my undies and trousers making a huge pissy puddle underneath me. And then have to sit there, in my own wet squelchy mess until they felt like releasing me from my soggy captivity.

Who else would love to either be in that situation or watch someone else suffer in a similar situation? Reblog, share and follow if you’d love that too!

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